Discover OEM tailored control components and systems for your HVAC appliance.


At Belmont Controls, our attention is on working efficiently with enthusiastic HVAC appliance OEMs, to globally source customized controls with unparalleled safety, reliability and performance. Together, let’s throttle-up the controls supplier experience.

Belmont Controls has a skilled, proactive, creative and responsive team that anticipates your needs and delivers exceptional customer service. Tap into our extensive experience, common sense and award-winning and relentless customer care. Call us at 704.907.7111


Belmont Controls brings custom controls engineering design services and consulting, as well as controls supplier services, with ample expertise in supply chain management and logistics.

We serve original equipment manufacturers located in the United States of America, Canada and Mexico that produce residential and light-commercial appliances, with an emphasis on the heating sector.

Our proficiency is in electronic combustion controls, valves, sensors, burners, fans, venting, thermostats and in a variety of integrated control systems.